MobileTRC+™️ is the mobile version of GlobalTRC+™️ and is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android. MobileTRC+™️ enables asset locating while on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

MobileTRC+™️ takes asset control to a new level with the “Find My Asset” feature. “Find My Asset” overlays an asset on the map and shows you where you are in relation to the asset anywhere in the world!

MobileTRC+™️ is also integrated with RFID, Barcode, and OCR scanners and supports passive and active RFID. Use of MobileTRC+™️ reduces labor costs centered around finding products that can be misplaced in your supply chain.


We used the same modular platform that we used for GlobalTRC+™️ when developing MobileTRC+™️. This approach delivers domain-specific functionality and flexibility providing maximum value to the organization allowing the investment to be leveraged for years to come. If one functional area requires updates, those updates will not affect other functional domains.