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Entelliteq is pleased to announce its release of the Field Expedient Applications (FEA) set of mobile applications. FEA is designed for front-line workers, Marines, soldiers, and sailors to help make their daily routines easier. The initial free version of the application has a Water/Rations calculator to rapidly determine the amount of water and MRE’s needed for an operation. A Logistics Support Request (LSR) generator and the Worklog. The Worklog is an application designed to capture maintenance and inspection actions at the point of work. The Inspection component contains the core NAVMC 10284 inspection fields. The Maintenance component captures work actions and parts requirements without paper.

FEA is an Android app designed for mobile devices. The applications only use the device’s camera and file system. While a network can be used, a network connection is not required to use the applications.

FEA enhancements will be made on the subscription version of the application. This version will contain additional features and functionality such as QR code formats to share data without connection to an external computer, a Storeskeeper application to track local consumable items, and an Ammunition Calculator to quickly determine requirements when out in the field.

This is just the beginning of a universe of capabilities that will enable our nation’s tip of the spear to take advantage of the computers we carry with us every day in all environments. 

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