Cybersecurity (CY) demands are very fluid in the operational environment. New vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered and propagated daily. Customer directives prompt immediate changes to processes, production systems and documentation. We believe that the key to rapid response in dynamic operating environments is maintaining security management process discipline.

Our team has extensive CY experience to include Security Engineering, Deployment Support, Certification and Accreditation (C&A)/Authorization and Accreditation (A&A) for DoD, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response and Security Monitoring. We couple industry best-practices and internal procedures developed through accumulated lessons learned to form mature and responsive CY support.

In the DoD, we have demonstrated this by successfully accrediting and reaccrediting multiple systems with different architectures and configuration baselines concurrently in support of various programs. We use our expert security and systems knowledge, stakeholder communication, and impact analyses to rank and execute tasks. We review and revise priorities during scheduled or unscheduled meetings.


  • IT Security Testing – evaluating a computer systems’ security implementation through verification and validation
  • Risk Assessment – performing both qualitative and quantitative risk estimates against a particular threat
  • Technical Security Services – providing IT security during the life cycle of a system or network from initiation decommissioning
  • Threat Response – capability to effectively identify and respond efficiently to intrusion attempts
  • Anti-virus/Malware – capability to effectively identify and respond efficiently to intrusion attempts
  • Disaster Recovery – providing protection plans, policies, and procedures that minimize the negative effects of a disaster whether natural or man-made to resume critical business operations and business continuity
  • Network Security – provide protection of infrastructure components via firewalls, network intrusion detection systems, port security, etc.
  • Application Security – provide protection of software assets from external malicious actors


Multi-Level Secure Messaging Capability Added to SituX LogC2 platform

Entelliteq recently demonstrated its ability to further adapt the SituX LogC2 platform to support operations in conflicted and austere environments. Military logistics data has always straddled the operational classification line. Logistics information systems need to transmit unit and equipment readiness data and provide sensitive or classified physical locations to enable distribution


Project Needs: MAGTF Logistics Support Systems consists of the Common Logistics Command and Control System (CLC2S) and the Transportation Capacity Planning Tool (TCPT). These are unique tools that integrate personnel, supplies, and equipment, providing actual Logistics Command and Control and Transportation Management capabilities to the Marine Air Ground Task Force