Multi-Level Secure Messaging Capability Added to SituX LogC2 platform

Merissa | Apr/ 26/ 2021 | 0

Entelliteq recently demonstrated its ability to further adapt the SituX LogC2 platform to support operations in conflicted and austere environments. Military logistics data has always straddled the operational classification line. Logistics information systems need to transmit unit and equipment readiness data and provide sensitive or classified physical locations to enable distribution of resources.  Even though most logistics information is unclassified, opposing actors can aggregate the data and exploit vulnerabilities in the supply chain for destruction, sabotage, or theft. For military organizations, when deployed they still must reach back to the local or United States industrial base for parts and supplies. Many

Field Expedient Applications

Merissa | Jan/ 22/ 2021 | 0

Entelliteq is pleased to announce the release of the Field Expedient Applications (FEA) set of mobile applications. FEA is designed for front-line workers, Marines, soldiers, and sailors to help make their daily routines easier. The initial free version of the application has a Water/Rations calculator to rapidly determine the amount of water and MRE’s needed for an operation. A Logistics Support Request (LSR) generator and the Worklog. The Worklog is an application designed to capture maintenance and inspection actions at the point of work. The Inspection component contains the core NAVMC 10284 inspection fields. The Maintenance component captures work actions

GCSS-MC Disconnected OTA Completed Successfully

Jason | Sep/ 21/ 2020 | 0

The GCSS-MC Forward (GMF) prototype was designed from the ground up for Delayed/Disconnected, Intermittently Connected, Low-Bandwidth (DIL) network environments. During the weeklong demonstration, GMF performed the “fastest” the Marine Corps evaluators had seen. The prototype easily handled sending data across the most disadvantaged communications networks. Entelliteq (previously) IR Tech successfully demonstrated: GMF’s ability to enable users to access extended GCSS-MC functions over low bandwidth links using standard Marine Corps browsers. Exchanging data with the GCSS-MC Enterprise system over DIL communication links using our Mesh Lightweight Transfer Protocol (MLTP). The ability to manage multiple unit logistics combat service support requirements from

Summer Intern Program

Merissa | Sep/ 18/ 2020 | 0

Entelliteq (previously IR Technologies) would like to thank San Diego Regional EDC for the opportunity to participate in their summer intern program. We remotely hosted 3 talented software engineering students and wish them the best in their continued studies and future employment endeavors.

GCSS-MC Forward Prototype

Jason | Apr/ 10/ 2020 | 0

We want to thank the Marine Corps for observing our successful demonstration of the GCSS-MC Forward (GMF) Prototype on March 10, 2020. GMF is designed to extend essential GCSS-MC functionality to the battlefield. It is critical for the Marines to access network functionality over low-bandwidth high latency networks. Entelliteq (previously IR-Tech) architected GMF to provide functionality to multiple users to capture and process logistics functions over those networks. This demonstration, the first of three planned, showed how GMF operated over expeditionary networks. Using the industry-leading iTrinegy NE-ONE Network simulator, the user, on standard web browsers successfully accessed GMF over a

VOSB & MBE Announcement

Merissa | Nov/ 15/ 2019 | 0

Entelliteq achieves Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) and certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status. Jason Hackerson, owner and President served in the Marine Corps proudly for eleven years. Twenty percent of our workforce are veterans. These certifications expand our ability to rapidly support our government and commercial clients.

Just in Time Learning with the Marine Corps

Paul | Sep/ 20/ 2018 | 0

[Success Stories—Just in Time Learning with the Marine Corps] New Marine Corps Just in Time Learning site goes live With technology and processes changing at lightning speed, the days when Marines could take the time to read and digest a manual to upgrade their skills and knowledge is gone. That is no longer a challenge because the Marine Corps Global Combat Support System unit has a new “Jump Site” developed from the collaborative partnership between the Marine Corps, Entelliteq (previously IR Technologies), and NCMS. The new training site went live on August 8. The partnership objective was to design and

IT Acquisitions

Jason | Jun/ 8/ 2018 | 0

The following series of posts will offer discussion and ideas about making military information technology programs successful. I’ve been on both sides of the Department of Defense Acquisition process for over twenty years. Multiple articles and personal experience shows that even ‘successful’ IT programs usually miss the mark, most often by trading performance to mitigate the impact of cost overruns and schedule delays. The irony of this situation is that in an ever-improving technological environment, the more the military attempts to leap ahead, the slower and more expensive the programs seem. Can you relate to this scenario… In April 2018,

5 things that we love about the Lehr Fleet Show

Merissa | May/ 9/ 2018 | 0

Entelliteq (previously IR Technologies) attended the 10th annual Lehr Fleet Show on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. We got an opportunity to meet with our State and Municipal technologists and Fleet Managers from Northern California. We were able to discuss problems in the industry that our innovative solutions could potentially solve. We demonstrated our ToughTagTM, GlobalTRC+TM and MobileTRC+TM.  Here are some of the things we loved about the Lehr Fleet Show. 1. Walk Before you Run Trade shows are always a great opportunity to find new potential customers and build new relationships. This was the first trade show where I was going to be an exhibitor. Needless

Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Training

Paul | Sep/ 13/ 2017 | 0

In 2010, Entelliteq (previously IR-Tech) was the support contractor for Global Combat Support System -Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) training, which required the development, delivery, and maintenance of 34 courses, as well as hundreds of system simulations and training aids. Additionally, the training material had to stay current with enterprise systems (and government policies) that are constantly evolving. Wisely, Entelliteq invested in top-notch eLearning tools, curriculum developers, and expert trainers to get the job done.  The outcome of our investments was successful.  GCSS-MC training was delivered on time and on budget to tens of thousands of Marines and civilian employees world-wide both