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Cybersecurity (CY) demands are very fluid in the operational environment. New vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered and propagated daily. Customer directives prompt immediate changes to processes, production systems, and documentation. We believe that the key to rapid response in dynamic operating environments is maintaining security management process discipline.

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IT Service Management

Entelliteq applies the agile development process Scrum to development projects. Scrum is a proven agile development approach used by industry and is managed within the context of the larger PDSS effort by ITIL. Our development methodology is composed of phases including requirements analysis, design/specification, implementation (coding), testing, deployment, documentation, maintenance, training, and support.

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Software Implementation & Integration

Entelliteq uses robust processes and automated tools to distribute and integrate software within an organization. Our ITIL based methods ensure that software implementation is aligned with business requirements and provides value to our customers. The Entelliteq process is transparent to our clients, with full visibility and accountability in each step.

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Data Engineering & Quality Assurance

At Entelliteq we understand the value of practicing a holistic approach to engineering and managing data as a strategic asset across the enterprise. Entelliteq considers the following guidelines in developing a portfolio view of data

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Custom Training Development & Delivery

In 2010, Entelliteq (previously IR-Technologies) was the support contractor for Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps training, which required the development, delivery, and maintenance of 34 courses, as well as hundreds of system simulations and training aids. Additionally, the training material had to stay current with enterprise systems (and government policies) that are constantly evolving.

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Acquisition & Program Management

Entelliteq deftly maneuvers information technology (IT) programs through the DoD 5000 acquisition process. As experienced practitioners in the world of IT acquisition, we employ an initiative and risk-based approach that mitigates and manages the common and not so common pitfalls of procuring technology in the government.

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