GlobalTRC+ is a modern web-based set of services that allow companies to locate their products using a variety of asset management tags. GlobalTRC+ uses location services with asset tracking data and unifies it into a common operational picture. Not only are asset inventories tallied, but their proximity and availability can be viewed through a map interface.

GlobalTRC+ becomes a window into your supply chain where it is possible to view bottlenecks, search global inventories, and unify your current operations. By visualizing supplies through multiple layers and criteria, organizations can make data-driven decisions that help reduce resupply times, reduce waste, and enhance productivity.



GlobalTRC+ has been designed from the ground up to to be a Microservices based platform. Our approach starts with modular services that serve domain-specific functionality while ensuring maximum flexibility. For example, GlobalTRC+ is a cloud technology that scales on demand and therefore, if one functional area needs software updates, only that module or service is addressed. Code releases are now continuous and are not restricted by rigid release timelines that traditional software development demanded.

Another technological advantage to our product lies in its ability to interface with legacy applications easily. Our Microservices approach means that GlobalTRC+ was designed to interface with current and future technologies that will ensure that organizations reap the maximum value out of GlobalTRC+ and extend the value of their earlier technological investments.