What is Log C2?

LogC2 provides just-in-time logistics planning, management, and execution capabilities to military and non-governmental organizations via an enterprise cloud environment. LogC2 operates in place of, or in conjunction with existing information technology assets. We provide a Virtual Machine version designed to support an organization or multiple organizations over low bandwidth high latency links frequently found in military deployments or austere environments via multiple hardware form factors. Additionally, LogC2 has a multi-level secure mode where sensitive information is filtered from external messaging securing a unit’s location or an organization’s supply lines against cyber exploitation. LogC2 is a technology multiplier that helps organizations stay on top of their real-world logistics requirements.

Task Orgaanization Support

LogC2 supports traditional command relationships but its real power comes when utilized with task organized teams and composite/coalition team building. It can support virtually all non-combatant and combatant military operations. With it’s ability to dynamically adjust to the particular mission, it has revolutionized how military organizations provide service support.

Military Logistics Services

LogC2 supports traditional military command and control workflows, but can also support dynamic teams and conditional data flows as required by specific mission goals. LogC2 has been optimized for both low bandwidth and disconnected operations. Units can request services, items and parts, and personnel to support a myriad of logistics functions such as supply, maintenance, transportation, engineering, health services, and general and other services.

Asset Availability Planning

LogC2 adds yet another dimension to logistics command and control by providing availability information throughout an area of responsibility or operational theater. LogC2 adds to readiness information by providing commitment and location status for assets, or what we call Availability. Availability is the actionable information that commanders need to provide effective and timely support to the many missions of the modern military.

Command and Control for the 21st Century

Traditional military organizations utilize unit hierarchy to provide effective command and control. In most cases this is the best way to manage. However, in the 21st century with dynamic missions and modern technology it is necessary to break through the levels to react quickly to changing requirements. LogC2 supports command relationships but virtually operates as a flat organization. Free-flowing, open communication invigorates organizations and makes them successful by removing the barriers of traditional hierarchies that obstruct the flow of communication.