What is Trans C2?

TransC2 is a cloud based software that provides just in time transportation planning, management, and execution capabilities to military and nongovernmental organizations via an enterprise cloud environment, focusing on transportation capacity planning capabilities at the resource allocation and assignment level. TransC2 gives transportation planners a view into transportation capacity in a connected environment through the integrated association of Transportation Movement Requests (TMRs), personnel and equipment resources. This provides decision makers with a common operational environment and real-time visibility of resources to enable faster reactions to dynamic environments.

Transportation Management

SituX TransC2 module provides a clear picture of transportation capacity based on available resources and movement demands. It can also manage Transportation Service Requests from initial entry through allocation and assignment until completion.

Convoy Management

TransC2 Convoy Management provides ground transportation order capabilities. It can aggregate distribution requirements and build, manage, and
track convoys in near real-time. It assesses future distribution capabilities based on the force inputs. TransC2 also provides detailed situational
awareness information of convoy status through graphical displays.


  • Provides a near-term future planning capability
  • Detailed situational awareness of mission status and assigned personnel and equipment
  • Allows visualization of transportation capacity based on available resources and movement demands
  • Manages TMRs from initial entry through allocation and assignment
  • Master Log that documents out/in all movements within the organization
  • Reporting capability with multiple reports
  • Provides a Ground Transportation Request/Order (GTR/GTO) capability that is utilized in deployed environments
  • Incident Alerts are available to view any citations a driver may have associated to their account
  • Allows for management of operator licenses