Currently, armories and weapons maintenance facilities are not automated. Asset tracking still requires manual processes to count, record events, and perform maintenance activities. Some organizations have attempted to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other modern tagging systems. 

However, they find that commercial markings either fall off or become worn out because of actual product use, maintenance, and cleaning procedures. These challenges have slowed the adoption of modern tagging systems for military, police, and other security organizations. 

Entelliteq (previously IR Technologies)  has developed a set of weapon fasteners that include embedded sensors and radio frequency chips to address these challenges. We call it ToughTag with Lightning iNtelligent Connection (LNC) Technology. It resists wear and tear, liquids, and solvents. 

Manufacturers can quickly and inexpensively install ToughTag in new weapons. For current stocks, onsite personnel can quickly and easily retrofit assets with no special tools required. ToughTags come in the shape of a bolt, a pin, or another nonmoving part that does not alter the operation or appearance of the asset. 

LNC Technology is used to store identification and usage data that synchronizes via the internet or closed wireless network to a management application. When used with Intelligent Armory, organizations will gain profound insights into data such as location, usage, and maintenance information.